Clinical Nutritionists for IBS & SIBO 

Resolve Chronic Digestive Conditions… For Good

We are a team of clinical nutritionists taking a functional medicine approach to digestive health… without super-restrictive diets or a gazillion supplements.  We focus on the root cause of your symptoms for quick results & lasting relief.

Our Process

Step 01:

Get Relief

Diet, supplements and lifestyle changes help reduce your symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux and more.

Step 02:

Learn Your Triggers

A structured elimination diet and food reintroductions helps you learn exactly what you can tolerate and what may be a trigger. No more guessing.

Step 03:

Address Root Causes

By understanding and addressing the underlying root cause of your symptoms and conditions, you get long-lasting results.

How We Help

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

An individualized approach based on your medical conditions and preferences.

Nutrition Programs

Step-by-step education and dietary programs with group coaching.

Meet The Team

We are a team of board-certified clinical nutritionists who collaborate on solving digestive dilemmas. As gut-health specialists, we help you say goodbye to short-term solutions and say hello to lasting, vibrant, whole body health!

Sara Kahn

Sara Kahn


Stacy Roy

Stacy Roy


Kind Words From Our Clients

Sara is an absolutely incredible nutritionist. From our first consultation she gave me hope that I can get better. My medical issues are quite complex and confusing to doctors even, but Sara went above and beyond doing research, answering all my questions, and trying so hard to find me solutions. I wish all health professionals were as kind, compassionate and generous with their time. She’s seriously one in a million and it was a blessing that I found her. Just having her support during a very difficult time was so comforting.

— BG, Plainview, New York

Kind Words From Our Clients

Stacy is a fantastic nutritionist. She listens and really cares, which I can’t say was always the case with my previous providers. I had acid reflux and IBS, and I was miserable. She identified problem foods for me, put me on some game-changing supplements, and taught me how to manage my stress. I have never felt better.

— KT, Seattle, Washington




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The 5-R Protocol

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SIBO Relief Quick-Start Guide

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