Our Approach

If you have never experienced functional medicine, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. We are a team of clinical nutritionists taking a functional medicine approach to:

Identify the root cause(s) of your health conditions like IBS, SIBO, autoimmune and thyroid conditions. There may be more than one cause and each cause may have several ramifications. Essentially, we dig deep and keep asking why.

Treat each client as an individual and provide a personalized nutrition plan. Each client has a unique bio-individuality. What works for one client with the same condition may not work for another. In fact, all of our clients are on different protocols that have been customized for their health condition, their lifestyle, and their tastes.

Understand how lifestyle impacts your health. Integrative nutrition is an approach that appreciates how lifestyle factors can tremendously impact your health. Stress, exercise, sleep, relationships and environmental inputs all have a major influence on wellness. You could be following the food plan to a T but if you are chronically stressed or not getting enough sleep, you may not get much relief.

Practice evidence-based nutrition. We offer guidance based on scientific literature and clinical experience – NOT the latest fad diets and trends such as quick fixes, detoxes and cleanses.

Partner with clients to help them tap into their own healing abilities. The body has a remarkable capacity to heal and rebalance, given the right conditions.

Ready for Relief?

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