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  • Feel better fast (like STAT)

  • Get control of my symptoms (less time in the bathroom)

  • Understand the root cause of my conditions so they can be addressed once and for all (so sick of the rollercoaster ride)

  • Not let my health conditions rule my life (spend more time and energy on things that bring joy)

  • Say goodbye to short-term solutions (buh-bye)

  • Long-term relief (yes, finally!)

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6-Session Gut-Healing Package

(1) 90-minute initial consultation

(5) 45-minute follow-up sessions

Lab analysis

Personalized action plan

Review food journals, messaging, email or phone support in between scheduled sessions

This package is designed to be used within 4 months but you must use all sessions within 6 months from purchase. 


  • Month 1 - $499

  • Month 2 - $249

  • Month 3- $249

  • Please note, I do not take insurance but I can offer a Superbill so you can be reimbursed for out of network service. I also take health savings account plans. Click here to learn more.


Relationships with my clients are partnerships.  We work together to improve your health based on your goals.  We work at your pace and develop action plans together based on your preferences and lifestyle.  While I provide guidance & recommendations based on the scientific literature and clinical experience, each client presents with their own unique bio-individuality.  What works for one may not work for all.  Your action plan is personalized to help you tap into your own healing capabilities.  


  • Prior to our initial consultation, you fill out a detailed form that helps me understand your health history, your family’s health history, health goals, symptoms across your entire body, lifestyle and your diet. You also provide a 3-day food diary that provides a snapshot of your typical dietary intake. If you have lab results from the last six months, you are invited to provide them. Each one of these items helps us better understand your state of health and the root cause of your condition.

  • We start our partnership with a comprehensive 90-minute initial consultation where we dig deeper into your story to better understand the root cause of your condition. We discuss how you currently feel and why. We explore what has worked, what hasn’t worked in the past and why. Remember, we ask why… a lot.

  • You will leave the session with a clear sense of next steps and an initial step-by-step action plan to help you get relief ASAP.



  • The first follow-up session is scheduled 2-3 weeks following the initial consultation. This session includes a presentation of findings, which could include an analysis of lab reports (if applicable). During this session, we map out your personalized action plan based on your preferences and lifestyle. Your personalized action plan may include:

    • A gut-healing, short-term diet to help calm symptoms

    • Lab recommendations

    • Supplement recommendations

    • Lifestyle adjustments such as tips for better stress management, increased physical activity and more sleep

    • Take small steps or big leaps – remember, we move at your pace



  • The remaining follow-up sessions can be scheduled every 2 – 3 weeks, depending on your need for support. Follow-up sessions may include the following:

    • Update on your current state, symptoms and changes to diet, medications, supplements and/or lifestyle

    • Review lab test results and refine as needed

    • Discussion of previous changes and need for altering the action plan

    • Determination of next steps

    • Meal planning and recipe tweaking

    • Coaching on making changes and mindful eating

    • If you are local to New York City, I invite you to my office-kitchen where we can play with our food :-). We can explore new flavors, foods and cooking techniques that will help enhance your health. Don’t know what to do with chia seeds? Not sure how to cook quinoa (or even how to pronounce it)? Never tried curry powder before? Yep, we can have fun with food during one of your follow-up sessions.



  • Many of my clients are suffering from increased intestinal permeability (aka, “leaky gut”), which causes digestive issues and food sensitivities

  • While we mostly use diet to help heal the digestive tract, we may also explore using gut-healing supplements, herbs, and impactful lifestyle changes



  • Gut-healing diets and elimination diets are not forever diets.  It’s important to reintroduce foods to determine which may trigger symptoms and which foods are well-tolerated.  

  • Ultimately, I want my clients to be on the broadest diet possible with the fewest symptoms



  • Based on the outcome of our gut-healing diet and supplement protocol, we now have greater clarity as to which foods make your body happy

  • You leave the program with a customized food and lifestyle plan to maintain the gains we have made for lasting, life-changing results