COVID-19: How to Support Immune Health

This video details how you can support your immune health, not just during the COVID-19 pandemic, but all year-round. We provide you with simple, natural and evidenced-based ways to support your immune health with special considerations for those with IBS or SIBO on a Low-FODMAP diet.

In this video we cover:

  • What types of foods to eat to support immune health – including Low-FODMAP foods
  • What types of beverages to drink to support immune health
  • What types of foods & beverages to avoid
  • Other ways to support your immune health beyond food
  • Our approach to supplements

Please note, we are board certified nutritionists. We are not doctors and we are not claiming that this information will prevent, treat or cure COVID-19.  Please check with the CDC and with your local resources for the latest recommendations on hygiene and social distancing.

We also want to share this list of resources that feature free or low-cost ways to help support you during this time. Please check out what these talented and generous professionals have to offer.


Drugs & Supplements

National Institute of Health Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets – Look up supplement information & contraindications  

Medscape Drug Interaction Checker – Look up drug and supplement interactions

Dr. Aviva Romm, Podcast “COVID-19 Prevention: From Commonsense to Natural Remedies (& Avoiding Nonsense!)” – Excellent summary of research on nutritional and herbal supplements.


Saiki Lucy Cheah, PhD – Fitness & Movement Coach. Prescribes exercise programs for strength & conditioning, loaded/ body weight movement, mobility and postural restoration for people to use at home/ indoor and park/ outdoor –

Anna Barsukova, Personal Trainer – Offers online and in-person training in the park in New York City (while maintaining social distance) –

Megan Kelly, Personal trainer and Pilates instructor – Offers free online workouts on YouTube

Sarah Petty, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer – Posting short workouts on her public Facebook page

Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

Sara demonstrates simple breath work techniques to help invoke the nervous system’s “relaxation response”

Bamboo Moves Yoga – Offers free online or donation based yoga classes on YouTube

Roots Yoga & Nutrition – Offers free online or donation-based yoga classes

Sattva Yoga – Offering 2 weeks unlimited live stream yoga classes for only $39. They offer 3-5 classes daily

The Tapping Solution – Tapping Meditations; free 6-month access for all healthcare workers & first responders

Nutrition & Cooking

Emily Cerda Geil, Nutritionist – Offers Circle of Support free online support group

Home Chef Project – Basic Cooking Classes for everyone who is now eating at home but doesn’t know how to cook. Use code STACY for 15% off

Jamie Reisinger, Nutritionist – Shares daily cooking tips and easy to make at home meals/nutrition tips/daily affirmations and talking about positive mindset/ and providing follow along at home workout videos on her Instagram account

Jamie Truppi, Nutritionist – Offers Free Family Guide to Immune Wellness


Jessica Shank, MFT, Telehealth therapist for those in CA. She takes insurance (not Kaiser):  707-285-7523 or 

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