How to Solve the IBS-Anxiety Cycle: Part 2

We have many clients who come to us with chronic gut health conditions and feel stuck on their super limited diets.

Some clients are eating 5 – 10 foods for fear of causing more symptoms. 

But even on these diets, they are still experiencing symptoms…

You see, limited diets and the need to control symptoms can lead to more digestive misery and anxiety.  

They feel stuck and it can be a never-ending feedback loop for the body and the mind.

If this sounds like something you are struggling with, you’re going to want to watch the continued conversation I had with Dr. Julia King, a psychologist that specializes in the connection between anxiety and IBS to learn more about the relationship between gut and the brain.

In this video, you’re going to learn:

  • How limited diets to control GI symptoms feel like safety behaviors but they can actually make things worse both mentally and physically
  • How normal physical sensations associated with digesting food can get labeled by the brain as “bad” and contribute to even more anxiety and fear around food
  • What it takes to overcome this seemingly impossible feedback loop

And most importantly, you’ll learn what steps to take to get UNSTUCK and start your journey to improved gut and mental health.

For more information about Dr. Julia King, visit her website:

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