Causes of Bloating and Constipation: Pelvic Floor PTs Explain

What are YOUR specific causes of bloating and constipation? Have you tried to resolve this on your own but are feeling stuck?

It may not just be the food that you’re eating, the amount of fiber you get or how much water you drink, although that is pretty important.

For many of our clients, the picture is a bit more complicated.

Diet is not the only thing contributing to feeling miserable and getting in the way of enjoying food, socializing, traveling and well, life as we know it.

It could be IBS, SIBO, medication causing slow motility, lack of exercise, stress and more.

You may not be aware but in many cases, pelvic floor dysfunction can also be playing a role in causing these symptoms.

How Does Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Cause Bloating and Constipation?

I recently interviewed Erica and Kara from Soulstice Physiotherapy, who help us understand how pelvic floor dysfunction can cause bloating and constipation. 

In this interview, you will learn:

  • The top root causes of pelvic floor dysfunction… and many of these are the same causes of SIBO and IBS!
  • The types of tests that can help diagnose pelvic floor dysfunction
  • What can make digestive symptoms worse aka what NOT to do
  • And most importantly, learn THREE SIMPLE WAYS YOU CAN GET RELIEF RIGHT NOW!

We hope you find this interview enlightening and actionable!

Erica Michitsch PT DPT WCS and Kara Mortifoglio, PT, DPT, WCS are the founders of Soulstice Physiotherapy, a pelvic floor physical therapy practice with offices in New York City, Great Neck and Scarsdale, NY.

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